How Does Trenchless Pipe Bursting Work?

Trenchless pipe bursting is a smart way to fix pipes without digging up your yard. First, we put a special tool into the old pipe at one spot. We tie this tool to strong gear that can pull it along.

As this tool moves, it breaks the old pipe into tiny bits but doesn’t mess up anything around it. At the same time, we pulled in a new pipe right where the old one was. This method keeps things neat while getting the job done fast.

Understanding Trenchless Pipe Bursting

In trenchless pipe bursting, you start by putting a breaking head into the old pipe. This is done through openings already there. You link this head to a winch or hydraulic system with cables or rods.

When we pull it, it breaks the existing pipe apart but doesn’t mess up what’s around it. At the same time, we’re pulling in a new pipe right where the old one was. Fresh pipes are usually made of tough plastic, known as HDPE, and they last a long time.

After we get in all of our new pipeline, we check if everything holds water without leaks. Then we fill back any dug-up spots so that everything looks like before. No need to worry about your yard; things will go back to how they were quickly. 

Tools and Equipment Involved

In this part of trenchless pipe bursting, we use specific tools. First up are video cameras. These help us see right where the problem is below your yard.

They let us work without guessing and avoid big digs in your lawn or driveway. Next, we have techniques like pipelining and coating with a strong epoxy mix. This method strengthens old pipes from inside out.

No need to dig up the whole area for access. Other methods include hydro jetting that clears blockages with water power and sectional liners that fix parts of pipes where needed, not the whole thing. All these ways mean less mess at your place and quicker fixes too.

The Step-by-Step Process

After we inspect, we move to clear blockages. We use strong water jets for this. This cleaning makes the pipe ready for new lining and ensures it lasts longer.

Next, we measure your pipes to know how much material is needed. Then comes liner installation. Here, a device pulls a resin-soaked liner through the damaged area.

It expands inside and sticks to the inner side of your old pipe. Once set, this becomes a tough new segment without leaks or rust problems. We finish with another camera check to make sure everything’s fixed right and working as it should.

If you’re facing sewer troubles, Mr Sunshine Plumbing offers an effective solution that keeps your yard intact. 

Benefits Of Traditional Methods

When you face sewer problems, trenchless pipe bursting offers a big plus over old ways. Old-style fixes mean digging up your yard, which takes more time and money. With trenchless methods, this hassle is less since there’s no need for major excavation.

This means you save on both fixing the ground above and labor costs overall. Trench Busting gets done quicker too—often in days not weeks like before. Your lawn stays pretty much as it was; driveways and walkways untouched by diggers or heavy machines making everything faster to go back to normal.

It’s kinder on nature, too, because we move less earth around, which helps protect local plants and animals better than traditional digging might do. This approach isn’t just quick but stands the test of time longer with new lining techniques that stop future damage before it starts. So when weighing options for mending sewers beneath your property consider how these benefits could make life easier during such repairs.

How Does Trenchless Pipe Bursting Work

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